Just Bought a Home? Here’s How to Inspect Your Roof

When you know how to inspect your roof, you can easily take care of your home. Most water damage problems in homes are caused by leaky roofs. Therefore, make sure that you know how to spot warning signs so that you can catch roof problems before they escalate.

Essentially, you should inspect your roof two times a year. Nevertheless, it’s wise to have experts inspect your roof after a severe storm. This is very important because catching a roof problem early makes fixing it easier. But, how do you inspect your roof after buying a home?

Check the Exterior

Walk around the house looking for obvious signs of roof damage, sagging, or aging. Does your roof have parts with algae, moss, or leaves? Such problems could cause water damage. Therefore, spot them early and take appropriate measures. Also look for curled and buckled shingles. If the home has a poorly ventilated attic area, heat will cause curling of the shingles. It will also expose your property to weather damage. Additionally, check the roof for damaged, aged, and missing shingles. This is very important because it may be a sign of a vulnerable roof that can easily be damaged by an extreme weather.

Inspect the Top

Check out the gutters. Do they have rotten or sagging points? Are there open joins? Also check the shingles’ texture because less texture means shingles might not provide protection to your home. Thus, you should consider repairing or replacing your roof if shingles have less texture.

It’s also important that you inspect the counter flashing.

This is the waterproof strip metal that keeps moisture away. Therefore, inspect it carefully for cracks, damages or leaks.

Inspect the Inside of the Roof

Check for leaking or drips in the attic. Also look out for ceiling or wall discolouration, sagging or drips. Basically, you should be proactive after purchasing a home. Make sure that you have minor roof problems fixed as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs.

If you notice issues that you are not sure about, schedule an inspection with experienced specialists (visit http://www.trueviewhomeinspections.ca/ for more extensive solutions). Experienced and professional roof inspectors will tell you the exact roof problem you are facing and the best way to fix it.